We are Chronos.

We are building tools to make your smartphone as smart as it should be. We believe that context is king, so we are working hard to turn your passively collected data into actionable insights.


Find your time.

Chronos is our first offering. Carry your phone with you and it takes care of the rest: see where you’ve been and who you’ve spent time with, all without lifting a finger. Set goals and see your progress as you work towards living more intentionally.

We built Chronos because we often found that we’d get to the end of the week and feel exhausted, but didn’t have a great sense of where our time was actually going. We wanted to make sure that we were prioritizing the people and things most important to us.


In the loop, all the time

Waldo is a window into your best friend's lives -- making sure you're always in the loop with the people you care most about.

Waldo uses the Chronos context engine to understand where you and your friends are and what you're up to. So if you're at the gym, at work, on a run or even if your phone is low on battery, Waldo will automatically update your status, making it easy to share with family and close friends.

Tip top

Find the top places, anywhere.

Tip Top helps you find the best spots, anywhere in the world. Forget 1-10 scales and stars systems, opening multiple tabs, and emails to yourself to remember that spot your friend mentioned four months ago, simply find the best spots around you, as determined by experts and friends.

Whether you’re looking for burritos in San Francisco, rooftop bars in New York, or a cup of coffee in Los Angeles, Tip Top has you covered.

Learn more about Tip Top and sign up for Beta testing


Research shows that getting regular activity during the day and consistent sleep are two of the biggest impacts on longterm health.

Steps + Sleep helps you achieve these two goals without any additional hardware. Like Chronos, Steps + Sleep runs in the background on your phone and automatically captures your activity. Start a streak and see how many days in a row you can achieve your goal!

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